oh my god that reminds me of when we tried getting a collar on him and we were legit afraid he would chew right through his neck to get rid of it. tell ur cat i said hi and also to behave

pets are fuckign amazing why did I ever want one

when one of my chins broke his leg the drops werent a problem but the dumb baby kept chewing out of his (expensiVE) cast. why do pets do things

I asked the vet if we shouldnt put a colalr on him so he can’t rub the drops out of his eye but she said he’d be in way too much stress
I’m p sure that seeing me walk in with a towel every hour then sitting on him and grabbing his head to put in drops in his injured eyed is as traumatizing as it is, I don’t think the collar would make it much worse

anyway I startd reading The Elder Scrolls: The Infernal City by Greg Keyes while at the vet’s

I’m only 50 pages in, so it’s hard to tell much more, but I’m jsut so fired up that I’m reading an actual TES bok? God I’m gonna? Get lored on???? the main char’s pretty likeable so far like she’s a young alchemist and her bff is an argonian 

i feel you i really do i once had a week of hourly eye drops to a horse nicknamed bitchmare

I am humbled and, frankly, awed by the fact that you lvied to tell the tale

god im so glad im never having children

giving eye drops to animals is an underappreciated circle of hell tbh

And he’s no mere animal like every single vet he’s ever been to admitted that he’s one of the mroe panicky and misbehaving ones they’ve had to handle
like how am I suppsoed ot be doing it by myself he’s stronger than me and he’s nto afraid to hurt me while I’m afraid to hurt him
and I’ll have to keep goign thre hour after hour because I can’t jsut give up when he can lose his fucking eye

I hope to god that when mom comes back she drives him to the clinic where we’ll pay more but professional nurses will have to take care of the little idiot

if you think I’m overreacting, the last time they had to put him in a fucking cage for his shots because he was too hysterical and they were afraid of snapping needles in his ass

if either of my parents tries even as much as insinuating I could have done more for him I’m breaking the nearest dish

and of course the moment I set foot in the house grandma calls and I have to run upstairs to pick up the phone and lsiten to ehr talk about she CALLED and KNOCKED and CAME OVER and I DIDN’t PICK UP and she wanted to offer me DINNER liek jesus christ literally eveyr time you call you make a 2-mintues logn litany of the same fucking thing leave me alone you nosy overbrearing hen

four pharmacies FOUR PHARMACIES I had to go to four to find the fucking prescribed painkiller drops

and when I finally get home the stupid little cunt won’t evne keep its head still for three seconds for me to put them in his eye I’m so looking forward to giving him drops every hour for the next couple days I’m having SO much fun

also I still don’t have my asthma meds and I think my tonsils are starting to itch, so, you now, that’s cool